Monday, 4 April 2011

I'm a Survivor, I ain't gon' give up!

All that work. So many innocent worms murdered... so many dead Dwarves. Oh god. What have I done? And all for nothing!

As you can see, I've gained a bit of experience since my demise. That is mainly because this morning I took out my frustrations on the inhabitants of the Fissure of Woe. 

But Will, I hear you cry, it's Monday morning! Why aren't you at work, posting entries filled with pictures stolen from other websites justified by your questionable interpretation of copyright law? I booked a day off! Booyah! Gaming day. To be honest, when you are packing 7 heroes, FoW is a bit of a joke. Nothing really stood in my way, my heroes barely went below 75% health and my energy was absolutely fine.

So - it was a cool 150k or so experience points for 2 hours work. Not bad. Plus I got my hands on 4 obsidian shards, 4 gold items and about 8k worth of gear. All in all - good clean fun.

Also - because the heroes were so good at tearing through mobs, I had a chance to skip through my newly delivered "The Art of Guild Wars 2" (which Amazon is listing for $100 in hardback... odd). There is some really impressive shizno in here; I really hope it all makes it into the game. I'm particularly fond of the Sylvari/Norn stuff. Scrumptious.

So - the rest of my day will be split between browsing some blogs, preparing dinner for myself and the Girl, and generally not getting dressed/bumming around.

Oh, speaking of which... must dash, got fish fingers in the oven!

ps. fish finger sandwiches are best done on wholemeal bread with tartare sauce of plain old ketchup.

EDIT: You jelly?

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  1. just came across this post while reading your newer one, hilarious. did you end up getting the survivor title track any higher?



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