Sunday, 10 April 2011

Distilling March: A belated review

I know, I know - it's been 10 days since March ended! I can't help it, I've just started a new clinical study and the clinic hours are a bitch, so this is the first chance I've had to really sit down and whack out some hot spicy info onto my blog. So: March.

This month has been a big month in the Guild Wars 2 bandwagon. We've had PAX East, the Thief reveal, speculation over PvP, Mesmers, Attributes and the Sylvari. Also, there's been some juicy new gaming info outside of the Guild Wars bubble in which I live: From Dust came to my attention, whilst we also got some new nuggets of stuff on Alice: Madness Returns. 'citing stuff!

Most popular posts for March 2011 (and the first 10 days of April) were as follows:
  1. The Sylvari Redesign: Taking a Leaf out of Guru's ...
  2. Marble Hornets Entry #38
  3. Top 5 Black Ops Commentators 
  4. The Mesmer's "Hook" 
  5. Norn Week: To the Mead Hall!

Considering it's only been out 5 days, the post on MH #38 has done well to shoot to the top of my monthly views - it's even at #4 in my all time viewed list (although, that isn't surprising, I've had significantly higher traffic this month - thanks everyone!!).  

Top 10 Search Terms for March 2011 (and bit of April blah blah) were:
  1. Sylvari redesign
  2. Best Black Ops commentators
  3. marble hornets entry 38
  4. marble hornets 38
  5. Black ops commentators
  6. top black ops commentators
  7. guild wars 2 sylvari redesign
  8. sonic 
  9. edward yeo thomas
  10. from dust
Lots of MH in there again, but my top Black Ops commentators is consistently one of my highest viewed posts... which is odd because it was so long ago (February!). This is the first month were my search terms haven't been dominated by people looking for naked pictures of Katy Perry.

In terms of gaming my time has been split up pretty similarly to before:

Guild Wars 49%
Black Ops 49%
Portal 1%
Fifa 10 1%

Played through Portal once, but I know the routes so well that I can usually get it done in under an hour. I also tried playing Fifa again after a looooooong time and it turns out that it's not like riding a bike and you can forget how to play it. In Guild Wars, I almost for Legendary Survivor and then lost it, but I have got a lot more money and bought a lot of stuff which I've been craving. Should get Survivor and Drunkard done this month, with any luck. Black Opswise I'm at about 8th prestige, been trying to only use a sniper this prestige and I am totally sick of it - can't wait to move back to assault rifles.

ARGwise it's been the month of Marble Hornets. We've had Entry #38, lots of speculation and the release of the Season 1 DvD and it's taken up a lot of my mental brain-time. I kinda backed out of a couple of games in which I was participating heavily - I really just haven't had the time or the energy to properly commit.

Interesting Blogs I've come across this month:

Gankalicious - amusing MMO banter.
Hatred - this guy hates a lot. But is funny in the meantime, so I shall forgive him. Plus he comments on my blog, so he's alright in my books.

This month (or whats left of it) I'll be taking a look at the new MH DvD, hopefully getting some new Guild Wars 2 information, and also hopefully not be being strangled by angry patients who are tired of me asking stupid questions during clinic.


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