Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sincere Christmas Message ep4

This message is written from my parents living room - Virgin still dragging their feet over connecting our new internet - apparently "oh, don't worry, we'll have you in before Christmas" doesn't necessarily mean by this Christmas. 
But I guess at least that introduces the main thing which has changed for me this year - I bought a fricken house. Like an adult! Weird, right?

So, I've lived without internet and TV for about a month now. There's only so many DVDs of Game of Thrones you can watch before you feel like poisoning a monarch. Sorry, spoilers.
It's from Season 1, get over it.

So, our new abode is like a fort of boxes and large blue Ikea bags - no fit place for Christmas dinner. So I'll be back in my parents living room again tomorrow. However, having been without internet since 29th November I've gotta ask you this question:

Is it ok to bring my laptop and use their wi-fi on Christmas day?

If it is, then you might hear from me again tomorrow. If you don't hear from me, then let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




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