Thursday, 3 March 2011

Guild Wars: Feature Build Drops Tonight!

John Stumme has confirmed that the Embark Beach/7 Hero Build/Title update for Guild Wars 1 will be uploaded later today (although Martin Kernstein has stated that they won't say a specific time, and I predict it will fall at 11:59 - Baker Island time).

This is the most anticipated Guild Wars update (at least for me) for a long time, the run down of the updates is as follows:

  • Introduction of the outpost "Embark Beach" (EB). EB will include links to all Mission outposts - with sections for Tyria, Cantha and Elona. Similarly, all mission outposts will now have a zaishen "Scout" added to allow teleportation back to Embark Beach.
  • Seems EB will also be the new home of the Zaishen Quests - and will have additional daily tasks added with the introduction of the "Zaishen Vanquish" option.
  • 7 Hero update - eagerly awaited. Self explanatory really, they are increasing the hero cap from 3 to 7; to allow full parties of NPCs. UI updates are coming in to handle this. A new option to allow greater control over party allies (necromancer minions etc) is also being added. 
  • Mercenary Heroes - I haven't had a chance to properly look into this one. But the sounds of it are that you can pay a nominal fee and have one of your own playable characters adventure with you as a hero - sounds AWESOME to me. Can't wait to party with a party of ME.
  • Dailies in Pre-Searing (apparently, there will be nine every day!). Pre-Searing Ascalon has always been a rather insular community, and the players who are going for/have achieved Legendary Defender of Ascalon (LDoA) have always been an odd bunch. Because LDoA requires you to reach maximum level before you move off the starter area, and the level which the monsters reach around that area only reach high enough to produce EXP up to level 16 or so, the LDoA title involved allowing yourself to be killed over and over again by a monster in order to increase its level and then eventually killing it when it was a sufficient level as to produce EXP. This process was incredibly time consuming, and often involved leaving your computer running overnight. With the introduction of daily quests, pre-searing players are now given another option to get the much coveted title. I can see the anger rising on the horizon for those who worked their ass off to get the title when it was a complete bitch. Personally, I'll just be happy to get another title under my belt.
  • An historian NPC will be added to presearing to allow pre players to add titles to their Hall of Monuments.
  • Undisclosed changes to the LDoA, Survivor, Drunkard, Party Animal and Sweet Tooth titles.
  • Shit will hit the fan.
Sweeping changes, its going to be a rocky few weeks on Guild Wars as the prices of items skyrocket in response to increased demand (depending on the exact changes made to the Party, Drunkard and Sweet titles). Similarly, I foresee a lot of whining and bitching about the changes to the more time consuming titles.

Drop in tomorrow for a full run down of the aftermath - I'll be all 7 heroed out by then I fear. I'm literally quivering with excitement.


From the horses mouth: John Stumme tells us about the updates:


  1. Christ man I have not played Guild Wars since the original, I bought the expansions and shit a while back to do them but never have found the time to dig into it. Fucking love that game...
    Really looking forward to the Second Installment of the series the features look hella sweet.

  2. Hey Hatred, its an awesome game - you should dig it out and give it a go. There has been a lot of new content recently (a lot of it linking between GW1 and 2 - some really interesting stuff).

    Of course I'm biased cus this is my fave game in the world. But still!

    Thanks for following by the way!

  3. This update is amazing.
    Have you seen all the incorrigible ale hounds getting Gods' Favour at the moment?
    ArenaNet now has a load of in-game-drunks on their hands, and they only have themselves to blame! :D

  4. lol - me included! Ive managed go up 1250 drunkard points in one night!



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