Monday, 7 March 2011

Alice: Madness Returns - 14th July 2011

I said a while back that American McGee's Alice was one of my favourite games of the past decade, and the sequal looks like its serving up the same steaming dollop of madness as the first. The first game was deliciously twitsted; I would not like to have been a pothead when this game was on the circuit. With demented children, evil flowers and armies of playing cards - it was a nightmare, and oh so seductively demented. The sequal seems to be following the same vein; a relatively simple platform shooter with a gothic overtone.

The graphics on the last game were alright for their time, but it looks as if the teasm at EA have really utilised the modern day engine to create the twisted (and sometimes hauntingly beautiful) Wonderland. I'm hoping Alice: Madness Returns will be just as brixx shittingly freaky as the first.

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