Sunday, 6 February 2011

Top 5 Black Ops Commentators

Usually, when I get in after a hard days work, I like to sit down on my arse and blow peoples heads off with high powered assault rifles. Its therapeutic, I suggest you try it. NO not in real life you 'nana, in Black Ops. Foo'!
When I'm not doing the blowing myself (steady...) I like to watch other people doing the blowing (now really, steady on - stop laughing). What I'm trying to say is that I like to watch Black Ops commentary videos. One of the reasons I spend so much time on YouTube browsing around for Black Ops gameplay is because I'm looking for tips on how to improve my game - I can't tell you how much I've learned by watching superior players play through their games. Although I do it partially for tips; I guess the main reason is because its very satisfying to watch the game played like a pro. I'd never be able to get a 67-1 gameplay in real life, so its nice to see that some people can still absolutely go batshit bonkers with Black Ops.

So, what I thought I'd do is share my Top 5 Black Ops Commentators for your approval and hopefully I can share some real gems with ya'll (there's a lot of embedded videos so follow after the jump for the top 3!)

Ok, slipping in at number 5 is:

Scotty Johnson

If you're new to Black Ops game commentaries, Scotty's videos probably aren't where you want to be starting off. Lets just say things get a little bit... odd. Scotty is usually accompanied (assuming Scotty is the player and not the chimp), by another dude with an overactive noise-gland. What is created is this almost schizophrenic dialogue between the player and the observer - every kill is accompanied by (and this is censored for ya'll sensitive folks out there) "WOOOO YEAH F**K HIM, MAN!" whilst the player laughs in the background. Some people find it a bit too much, but I think its hilarious.

At number 4 we have:

IXI sweat IXI Aka Marine Sweat

Marine Sweat is a commentator I came across about a month ago on the codops247 channel. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and has a good relationship with his viewers and subscribers. In addition to his personality, I think the main thing which brings people to his videos is the information he has on his life in the Marine corps. More often than not his commentaries include a story from his days at boot camp, or a discussion about what it takes to be a Marine.
He is enthusiastic and confident in his abilities as both a player and as a real life amphibious land/sea, no sleep, eat otter poo to live, sleep for fortnights in the swamp, killing machine. I enjoy every one of his videos; but find below the latest one I saw - he includes the footage of the latest map pack, a shiny golden AK and more stories from Boot Camp:

 Number 3 spot goes to:


I chose Dunkus for my 3rd spot because I love his series on the "World's Weapons". Each week Dunkus chooses a weapon from the Call of Duty series and tells us about its real life counterpart. The videos are incredibly in depth, but still manage to be completely fascinating - Dunkus is obviously very passionate about his field and his enthusiasm shines through in his commentary. World's Weapons is one of my favourite YouTube series and I get a little happy bug whenever I see it pop up in my subbox. Here's his episode on the AUG:

At number 2, providing gold medal championship gameplay:


Whiteboy is an interesting one. The contrast between his live and non-live commentaries is immense - if you ever encounter him in a high roller wager match, I pity you. For the most part, his commentaries are fairly sedate and he just talks about his life, but if you watch one of his live vids - ho momma is it different. You have never seen flames akin to those created in a Whiteboy gameplay. He's not to everyone's tastes, mainly due to the way he acts in wager matches, but if you watch enough of his stuff you realise he's just messing about and having a laugh. Heres his most recent non-live commentary to ease you in:

And finally, at number 1 - hello, his name is...


If you don't like Seananners, you don't have a soul. He is the gentleman of FPS gameplay. His videos are funny, impressive, skilled and most of all - a crapload of fun. His is a big-shot over at Machinima and you'll often see him in their promotional videos (their live streams and other doohickies). For the most part, he just shows impressive gameplay underneath witty and humble commentary, I suggest you check him out:

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  1. Unless you haven't seen xCalizorz' commenteer , you and I must have a very different mind. xCal should be number one in my opinion.



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