Friday, 4 February 2011

I am Why we Haven't Invented Hovercars

It's strange - I'm always one step behind the wave when it comes to technology. When we moved into our new flat a year ago I was the big-kid on campus, strutting around my new domain with my chest all puffed up because I was on the front line, I had a freaking HD telly. I plugged the PS3 in and marvelled at how crisp the picture was, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. About 2 weeks later they announced that 3D TV was the next big thing, and would go on the market asap.

3D? But! But.. I've only just got HD - we've moved on to numbers now?! I must have missed G through Z...

Well... I wouldn't want to bother with those silly glasses anyway. So ner!
It will be a good few years before me and the Girl choose to splurge out on a 3D TV. We are happy with our 32" dealio, any bigger and our eyes wouldn't physically be able to handle the screen; plus our flat doesn't really have any more space (especially if the image is going to intrude into the area in front of the telly; we've got a coffee table there - it might knock the beer over).

I'm reminded of an XKCD comic from a while back:

(do you have any idea how long it took to find this particular one? This man needs to stop writing comics...)

If I get a 3D TV they will bring out smellovision - it will revolutionise the viewing experience and once again I will be on the pile of losers who are behind the times. Having said that, perhaps if I DON'T get a 3D TV, I'd be holding back technological advancement. Perhaps the invention of anything more immersive than 3D would only be spurred on by the need to keep me perpetually in the technological dark ages. Who's in the drivers' seat now, eh? Steve Jobs and Apple TV? I think not. My lackadaisical approach to buying a car is the only reason we aren't driving Delorians around the skys.

ps. Pepe at Please Make it End has been blogging about how Michelle of And Lilly Makes 3 has mentioned her breasts in her last three consecutive posts. Well, I shall endeavour to mention my bottom for the next 10 posts, it will be a decade of derrieres, a bunch of bums, a whole sack of seats. Just you wait.

pps. Lifehacker keeps suggesting I get a standing desk. Sure would help the pain my arse.

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