Saturday, 22 January 2011

Waiting for my Blue Mace Lady

The GW2 bandwagon is crawling slowly closer to its next reveal, we've heard news that there will be a profession reveal over the next couple of weeks and I've heard rumour that it will be on the 27th Jan. A lot of slavering Guild Wars gurus are predicting the release of another "Soldier" class - possibly one depicted in the picture below:

This charming young woman has been dubbed "Blue Mace Lady" (BML). I know; its succint, it doesn't mess about, its a very utlitarian naming system. Recent information has been attained that the new profession will actually be called "Guardian" and Regina Buenaobra has confirmed that the update will be on the 27th. So, the whole of GW2guru is 'abuzzin with speculation about the class make-up and how it will fit into the game as a whole.

 Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with new game info, especially if you've got other stuff going on at the time. That's why it was nice to come across Sabrewolf18's Channel on YouTube earlier this morning. Over the course of about 6 months, Sabrewolf posted regular summaries of all the GW2 updates out there in nice tasty morsels. Unfortunately, he seems to have moved over to recently and the rest of his videos will be coming through there; so I can't embed any here (as far as I can tell, anyway!).

Finally, late 2010 we got confirmation that the 7 hero update for GW1 will be coming early in 2011. Personally, I cannot wait. GWguru patrons have been revelling in the information, and piecing together their ideal builds over the past few months.

So much tasty Guild Wars morsels are just on the horizon, its going to be a good start to 2011.

ps. hoping to get Little Big Planet 2 later today - squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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