Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nakd Bar Giveaway from Brit Chick Runs

I was flitting around Twitter today and saw a tweet by my recently discovered LGC buddy @MalwenGoch:
18 delicious Nakd bars being given away by @BritChickRuns including my current favourite: cocoa mind. See to enter.
Never have I been known to pass up the chance of free confectionary, I duly visited the site and signed up. Brit Chick Runs is giving away a box of 18 Nakd bars for free (to anyone with a British postcode),  all you have to do is go to her blog and leave a comment on the post, then either tweet about her competition or make a post. I decided to do both in the hope that in doing so I will maximise the possibility of healthy-bar-output.
Here's a direct link to the blog post with full details: Brit Chick Runs gives away free Nakd bars. From Brit Chick Runs herself:
Old, faithful, hardcore readers who’ve been following my blog since the beginning [of time] will know I have raaaved about this companies’ bars A LOT! But, weirdly enough, I’m yet to try the new flavours. I rather ashamed of myself really. Especially seeing as they are so awesome:
Raw fruits

Raw Nuts

Natural flavours

Nuttin’ else. Nada! Simply whole foods, rolled together.

Usually when a tweet includes the phrases "Nakd" and "Brit Chick", it's about a particularly rowdy night out in Skegness, chucking up in a taxi and falling asleep in your boob tube - but this is far more wholesome (although it is a little... *snigger*... seedy).

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