Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2

As if the disaster that was FFXIII wasn't enough, those crazy Japanese folks are bringing out a direct successor to its terrible throne. Final Fantasy XIII-2. Discovered this on (love ya!).


Ok, ok, FFXIII wasn't that bad, it was just linear with unlikable characters and a story at once stupefyingly dull and mind numbingly complex. It looked pretty, at least. Back in 2010 I read on 30 Ninjas that Yoshinori Kitase was thinking about bringing out a XIII-2, and my feelings were mixed. The girl completed FFXIII fairly quickly, spurred on, (i believe) by my purchase of a HD telly to truly appreciate the fantastic scenery which you could occasionally see past the oppressive walls which kept you on the straight and narrow path from inevitable cutscene to inevitable cutscene.

Of course, FFXIII-2 is going to follow a similar vein to FFX-2 in following some of the characters from the first game and telling their story further. Because that worked so well in FFX-2 didn't it? No, no it didn't.
FFX-2 was a girlier version of X, it just replaced all the story with singing and dancing and squeeking and made the whole world seem like a mushy pink squeeky land populated by people who, in their time of need, need crap J-Pop to bring them together.

Lightning, at least, is supposedly the main character and this is something of which I approve. She was the strongest character in the game, and was a welcome refrain from the sickly sweet Vanille and her pointless beepings. I really hope that Square Enix have listened to fan's remonstrations regarding XIII's flaws - to be honest, if you ask most FF fans what they want, they will say a mixture of FFVII and FFX, and that is certainly something I could live with.

Good luck Squeenix, do us proud, make us believe in you again! We can make it through, as long as we believe and lo... wait... there I go with the sentimental nothings, dammit Yoshinori, you've infected my mind with mush!

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