Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sylvari Week, Gamescon Fun and Metrosexual Rangers

Thangis the Red has informed me that ANet dropped the S-Bomb on the Guild Wars community not that long ago. It appears that Sylvari week will fall between now and Gamescon, and the race will be available to play in Cologne at the end of August. 

I personally believe that ANet have set out to humiliate me. Back in April I said on my my wildly successful (and still often hit) Sylvari redesign post that:
"I think it's because they've got this whole schedule set out for when they want to reveal information. They know that the two things people are most eager to see are the final adventurer class and the Sylvari. So they will do the adventurer class reveal last, and Sylvari week will come after Asura and Charr week."
Stupid ANet, making me look like an IDIOT.

Nonetheless, I'm excited about seeing where they've actually taken the race. The week will be punctuated by my typical coverage; like I did for Charr Week, Norn Week and Human Week. So - keep a look out for when that hits!

In Guild Wars 1 news: I've finally hit survivor! Woooo! Now I can die all I want - isn't that what everyone wants, really?
So, now it is just the simple matter of making money to buy booze and party points. And what better way to mark this milestone than some new threads:

It's me, btw, I'm fabulous.

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