Friday, 8 July 2011

Anywhere the Wind Blows

Winds of Change has hit Guild Wars. It's the Canthan chapter of the Guild Wars: Beyond quest series which hopes to begin to introduce players to the events which unfold shortly after the end of Nightfall/Eye of the North and before the events in GW2.

Winds of Change appears to be telling the story of the Ministry of Purity: an organisation which seeks to wipe out all threats to the nation of Cantha. They begin with the afflicted, a worthy cause... but you lore-buds out there will know that once they wipe the afflicted off the map they get on a bit of a roll eventually leading to the expulsion of all non-human and non-Canthan intelligent life from the continent. Bad times. I want to get started... NOW!

However, having consulted with my twitter peeps about whether it would be safe for my main to venture into this treacherous world - they responded with a nay. So, I have reached an impasse: either I sit out the long slog of survivor and start Winds of Change in a couple of weeks. Or, I go freaking batshit bonkers and get survivor over the next couple of days.

Bring on the dwarves!

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