Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's like Kettering but with fewer Ogres

I'm stuck, thoroughly bogged down in a mire of "meh". I'm pretty much up to my neck in apathy. I really can't find any motivation to play Guild Wars right now. I can see the loooooong expanse of Legendary Survivor ahead of me and I know lying on the otherside is crazy hero builds (which might fail and get me killed), random farming (which might fail and get me killed) and UW runs (which will fail and get me killed, believe me!).

Having got to 900k before and lost it, and being only 3 maxed titles away from gaining God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals; I really can't give up on Survivor now. But the halls of Fronis' lair are so dark and dank, the icy wastes of the worm fields are lonely and barren, and it'll be a dark day in hell if I ever go back to fighting the Vaettirs.

So, until the feeling takes me (or they bring out Winds of Change) my Ranger will remain trapped in unplayed avatar limbo.

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