Thursday, 24 November 2011

[ES5] The Inevitability of Getting Ahead of the Curve

One of the things about Bethesda games is that feeling when you hit level 50 or so and no matter how high you bump that difficulty you seem to cut through nasties like a flaming Shish-ka-bob through guar-butter. I’m nearing that point at level 18 in Skyrim.
I haven’t bumped the slider up by much yet, maybe about 10-15% since it started getting really easy. I’m hoping to crank it up to 100% difficulty before I start hitting max level on skills.

My build of Heavy Armour + Block + One Handed Weapons + Enchanting + Smithing + Alchemy does make me rather overpowered. My exquisitely smithed heavy armour plate not stopping you? Oh well, I’ll pop a health potion. Casting fireballs, eh? Good job my armour is enchanted with magic resistance!

Any weapon or armour I pick up can be almost immediately smithed into a “superior” or “exquisite” version – giving me greater damage/armour. I can then toddle off to Whiterun’s resident court-wizard, buy a grand soul gem and stick a fire enchantment or magic resistance on it for extra oomph.

Admittedly, I do still struggle a little with mages. My orc, unlike my breton, doesn’t have any inherent magical resistance so has been toasted many a time, but I’m hoping that very soon I’ll be able to pick up the +50% elemental resistance with my shield raised perk and turn myself into a walking talking killing machine.

Couple my suped-up gear with the vast number of stews I’ve cooked which gift me nearly infinite stamina and I can pretty much shield-bash my way through dungeons, laughing maniacally as eyeballs and spinal cords fly past my grizzled maw. Fus-Ro-Da’ing my merry way into the center of an angry bandit camp is particularly enjoyable – watching as their lifeless bodies clatter against their flimsily constructed log-walls – and nothing compares to the feeling of reacting to their cries of “I’ll get you!” and “this is the last mistake you’ll ever make!” by turning their heads into volleyballs with one swift swing of my blade and hurling them into a lake, still wearing their expression of confusion and regret.

I think I had a point to this post, but got kind of lost in the gloriously bloody mess of it all.


  1. Currently the hardest thing to kill are dragon-priests and anciend dragons - mostly becouse they have incredible amounts of health. Admittedly I'm nearing level 50 by now, but my Archery + Stealth + 2 handed weapons + light armour + maxed enchanting + maxed blacksmithing has been serving me well for a long time.

  2. Enchanting + Smithing has really helped me at the lower levels. I used my Superior Steel set for a long time before finding Dwarven armour (and I passed the sup-steel onto Lydia). I'm now in full exquisite orcish armour with the shield of oggrimmar. So I'm somewhat difficult to kill.



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