Monday, 28 November 2011

[AC] I Don't Want to Play Bloon Defense

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Certainly, the blokes at Ubisoft follow this rule - Assassin's Creed: Revelations is pretty much a reskin of the previous games, with a couple of bells and whistles cobbled onto the side (bombs and hooky-things are a nice addition, kudos) but the blood and guts look the same. And rightly so, it ain't broke.

However, if something isn't broken - you certainly don't need to take something which IS broken and mash it to the side; hoping that it will grow some sort of symbiotic relationship and miraculously not be crap. Sandbox games are brilliant because you are allowed to roam wherever you like. This is especially true with the 'screed series - if you want to climb that impossibly high tower and then throw yourself off the top, then go do-it to-it good buddy! However, what you DON'T need is the constant reminder to "Quick, stop whatever fun thing you're doing and come play our arduous tower-defense game which is super-duper clunky on the PS3 controller and takes fricken ages!"

It's like the whiney girlfriends in GTA: San Andreas all over again.


  1. I totally agree. I HATED the tower defense game. Absolutely hated it. I played it a grand total of 4 times, including the tutorial and then after that I made damn sure that I never got to 100% wanted, which was in and of itself an annoying task. They removed the wanted posters and made you keep finding the thinly spread guys to bribe or the even more rare informants. They really screwed up the system of anonymity IMO. Also, they messed with the currency in the sense that you basically have to "grind" money to actually get anywhere. Before you could basically invest early and go on missions and come back with enough money to invest more. If you kept doing that, you could usually afford most/all of the city (rome) , the current armor, and the occasional weapon and pouch upgrade. In this game, I tried that and I hit the end of the story with a grand total of 1 dagger, 1 axe, 1 bastard sword and 1 crossbow for weapons bought, nowhere NEAR enough of the town bought off (because the monuments cost 30-60k and the absolute most you get from owning buildings is like 30k total), and no side missions to do (did them all). So the ONLY way I could see to actually make enough money to do things is to just run around wasting time because you can't just leave it standing still (because of the enemy assassins that kill you if you afk). Super, super obnoxious.

    Don't get me wrong, I still liked the other elements of the game, but I really feel they messed up the economy, added a horrible mini-game and that the plot was way shorter than any other entry in the series. Alas. Back to Skyrim.

  2. As I've said to you, I advise the following strategy: enter Den Defense "game", put down controller, go upstairs to take a whizz and leave den to burn, return to find Ezio standing next to Den Captain, poke holes in his gizzards, regain control of den. I would mess around making sure I didn't get to be notorious but I like stabbing people too much.

  3. If you're good at the game, you will NEVER have to play Den Defense. I only did once after the tutorial part and that was when I was in the process of finishing leveling the Assassin I had at that particular den and decided to run around the city instead of lowering my notoriety (which had been completely full for quite some time).

    It's also completely optional in regards to the guild challenges - I got full credit for it after finishing getting all of my Assassins in dens up to Master level automatically! :D

    I'm not even a cautious player, by any means - I just like leveling my Assassins into ridiculous powerhouses.

  4. It's really, really easy to keep your notoriety low. The only times I ever had it completely full were 1) just after taking a den, 2) after a couple of missions, and 3) after I decided to just slaughter the endless guards that spawn in Cappadocia for half an hour. Heralds pop up pretty quickly, and officials aren't scarce either once you're above 75% notoriety.

    I also didn't have much trouble with money, either; I didn't spend on weapons but that's because my favorites are the hidden blade and crossbow anyway, so once I bought myself a crossbow I just used those and any weapons I got from completing challenges and Master Assassin missions. I also bought every single shop in the city and completed the achievement for getting every book (and those books in Cappadocia are damned expensive - all four available there total to about 280k), without having to grind out much. I'm buying up the monuments now while finishing collecting animus fragments.

    I did send my Assassins out on missions in the little mission minigame with them a lot, though, which helped on the money department. Also, if you want to AFK, just camp out in a den. Easypeasy.



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