Monday, 15 August 2011

Guild Wars 2: Where is the Guild in all of this?

Professions galore, race weeks, minor race articles, dynamic events, concept art, clothing, armour and weapons, dungeons, audio, lore and even a smattering of PvP. Any self respecting Guild Wars player must be asking themselves; where’s my Guild information?

Unlike things like PvP, the sylvari reveal and the final profession whose presence was felt if only through the sheer absence of information (in that it always feels like we could hear a new snippet of info at any moment); information on how Guilds are going to work seems to have completely dropped off the radar. This is a little worrying for me. ANet are usually so vocal about their intentions to revolutionise how we play MMOs. Even though we’ve heard only snippets of information about certain elements of the game (PvP springs to mind) we hear these snippets often and we are constantly reminded about how revolutionary these snippets are. If we were going to see a reimagining of the Guild system, then you’d think we would have heard a little bit more about how it is all going to work – you’d think they would have at least given us an “oh, and we’ve got something really exciting in store for Guilds and Alliances! But we can’t tell you what it is yet! Tee hee!”

In a game where the word takes up 50% of the title, I really hope that the Guild system isn’t just going to be something they plonk on the end - crudely slapped on like a backstreet face transplant. I say this because the rest of the game is like a full body work up at a top LA plastic surgery clinic; its so primped and plumped and glugged full of ass-fat and silicon that it could grace the red carpet at any awards ceremony. But no amount of muffin filled gift baskets or weepy acceptance speeches will win us over if your face looks like a bowl of day old spaghetti.

ps. Sweet Jesus that was a laboured simile.


  1. Martin said at one point that gw2 would have one of the most extensive guild systems he's ever seen. quite possibly just a hype statement but, I'm hoping it's the case.

  2. I'm actually pretty confident that they will have some fresh ideas, they usually do!

    Things like more varied ranking systems and other creative powers, guild storage etc are ideas that players have been backing for years now. Its quite likely ANet have considered them all, I'd just like to see something of the result.

  3. I don't know if you read the interview yet, but also there won't be any Guild Versus Guild anymore. I hope ArenaNet does something big that will make the title "Guild Wars 2" make sense other than the fact it's a Historical battle. Also, the only thing we heard about Guilds is that they will be able to hold keeps in WvW. Hopefully, that's not the only thing we hear...

  4. I agree. There are many more details on the support systems for the social side of the game yet to come, and hopefully the options available to us will be more robust than what I've heard (read) were available in the first GW.



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