Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A few changes! Please note and change links!


I'm a changeable person, and like the wind I can switch directions at the drop of a hat! Hence my snap decision to flip from "verydistilled" to "Distilled Willpower".

The reasons are threefold.

1) I wanted to call the blog simply: "Distilled" but obviously that was taken - when you create your blog it gives you a list of suggestions instead, usually created by adding random words to the start or end. "Very" was one of the suggestions. As such I never really chose it properly, and never really liked it.

2) I've always wanted to acronymise the website title, but the acronym VD has... icky connotations.

3) The new name "Distilled Willpower" is sorta fantasy-esque, so goes with the MMO/Guild wars theme I'm going for. Plus my name's Will, and I HAVE THE POWER!

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