Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Your Community Might be Bad, But they Aren't FIFA Bad

On the 28th of July the former Birmingham City and Liga MX America striker Christian Benitez was admitted to hospital with severe stomach pains. Hours later, his heart failed and he passed away.

Shortly after this sad news broke, players on FIFA13 started doing this:
Benitez's FIFA Ultimate Team card went from < 1k to 100k or more in a matter of moments. Players bought every single instance of the card on the market, multiplied his price tenfold or more and then attempted to resell him. Essentially, they were hoping to make a profit from Christian Benitez's death.

I would like to say it is an unprecedented level of tactlessness, but unfortunately that wouldn't be true. After Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during an FA cup tie between Tottenham Hotspurs and Bolton in March 2012 the exact same thing happened.

Players essentially "price locked" Muamba's card such that if you wanted him you'd have to pay ten times the price of the day before, and the disturbing thing is that people actually paid that amount for him. People were willing to pay through the arse for a player card simply because that player was in the news for having a near fatal heart attack on national television.

It is a truly disquieting trend in the FIFA community. Every community has their trolls, their heartless internet low-lives who are willing to make a quick buck at someone elses expense, but this is different really - this is sick.

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