Tuesday, 23 July 2013

[GW2] Dessa's Fractal Stabiliser - Concept

Fractals are great and all, but there will always be at least one which people groan upon encountering (naming no names - *cough* dredge *cough*). What if you could skip that fractal, and be assigned a new one? Wouldn't that be awesome!? It would even provide ANet with data about which Fractal people most often skip - suggesting which one needs work. That's why I came up with Dessa's Fractal Stabiliser:

The cumulative research data gathered by our continuing adventures through the Fractals of the Mists have provided Dessa with femtobytes of information on this dangerous and volatile phenomenon. Whilst she hasn't been able to pin down exactly how to stabilise and neutralise the entire fracture, through some epic number crunching and, frankly, her monumental genius, and using the many millions of powerful fractal relics we've collected over the past few months, she has been able to develop a contraption which unifies the disperate fragments of the moment and artificially stabilises the event.
This Fractal Stabiliser allows a group of adventurers to skip past a fractal if they so choose it, purchasing a Fractal Stabiliser costs 250 Fractal Relics (Dessa needs to extract the chaotic power from the Relics to attune the Stabiliser).

Because of the artificial nature of the stabilisation, once the group has moved on, the event collapses in upon itself (as opposed to resolving and becoming stable as it would do if the group fought their way through as normal). Consequently, skipping a Fractal like this only bumps the group into another random Fractal (excluding the one they just skipped).

Activating a Fractal Stabiliser brings up a pop up box for the party (much like the dungeon path selection dialogue). The group must then vote on whether to skip the Fractal or to stay in the current one.

If the majority votes to skip, the Fractal Stabiliser is used up, Dessa informs them that she has been able to stabilise the fractal and that she hopes the next leap... will be the leap home. The party is then teleported to a random fractal. Once they reach their destination, each party member will be affected by an 60 minute account-wide debuff - "Stabilisation Sickness". This sickness will have no other effect than preventing anyone affected from activating another Fractal Stabiliser.

If the majority vote to stay in the same fractal, then the Fractal Stabiliser is not used up, but it enters a local 60 minute timer before the player can activate it again.

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  1. This is a pretty good idea, beats having to start over again.



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