Friday, 12 July 2013

[GW2] ArenaNet to Remove Magic Find?

Over the past few months we've been handed a number of alternative ways to gain a ridiculously high Magic Find%. Hero Banners, NPCs giving +200%, new and abundant consumables and now a permanent stat increase coming with the achievement points. If combined with full Magic Find armour, accessories and weapons (with the Luck Sigil) it is possible to get a ridiculously high Magic Find %.

But even without full MF gear, and ignoring the stuff which has now been removed, given a fairly standard level of achievement points and combined with a well, banner, guild boost and consumables it is conceivable to have 150%+ Magic Find without sacrificing any stats from your armour/weapons.

I think most would agree, that should be enough for anyone. Given this influx of new ways to increase MF (and particularly thinking of the permanent stat increases coming with cheev points) I think this points to ArenaNet, some time in the near future, moving to remove Magic Find as a stat on gear entirely. 

How they might go about this (would they simply change all the MF armour to another type? Or replace the MF stat with something useful like boon duration? Or even create an entirely new stat?) I'm not sure, but I think it's on the horizon and, given the ridiculous levels you can reach atm, I think it would be entirely justified.

EDIT: Called it -

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  1. Yeah, I could see it. If they replaced MF with some other bonus, like Boon Duration or Condition Duration, maybe people doing speed-runs or farming in Orr might actually contribute in a meaningful way.



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