Wednesday, 25 July 2012

[GW2] How Vistas Feed my Need for 'Screed

With the latest Beta ArenaNet have released a new feature "Vista". A vista is a spot on the map where the player can look out and appreciate all the hard work which ANet have put into making the game so goddamn freaking beautiful.

Think of Vistas as the stereotypical rap video of Guild Wars 2 - ANet are shaking their scenic blizzle in yo' face, saying "Yo Logan Thackerizzo, check my beast landscape skillz yo. Word". I was never street.

But the really nice thing about them is that they're usually in hard-to-reach spots - on top of buildings or after relatively complicated jumping puzzles. Clambering up vast buildings takes me right back to Damascus, Venice and Rome - and makes me hunger for the next AC installment. I've enjoyed scrabbling up the sloped cubes of Rata Sum and the twisted trees of The Grove. Had to shelve the YouTube series till release when I'm going to cover the final few cities and then LA.

I would go far as to say that the Vistas, along with the Jumping Puzzles, are fast becoming my favourite thing to do in the game.

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