Saturday, 7 July 2012

5 Early Tips for the Guild Wars 2 Gamer

Here's just some quick little tips which I've discovered over the past few beta weekends and stress tests. They aren't ways to become a super-all-powerful Golemancer Necrodemon, but they will help you make a little more coin, experience a little more of the game, and find your way around easier.

1. Once you’ve completed an event, stick around and listen to the NPCs. Dynamic events are fun little snippets of a much larger story which might sweep across the entire region. Often, once you’ve completed the particular part of the event which you stumbled across, the NPCs will have a bit of a natter amongst themselves before deciding what to do next - don’t just wander off at this point! Each part of the event chain leads up to an eventual crescendo – a gigantic boss battle or frantic fight for survival. Stick around and listen to what they have to say and you get to experience the whole thing.

2. Don’t merch anything. You will almost always get a better deal for your items if you sell them to a player on the marketplace, plus you’re helping them reach their own personal goal. The more you trade in the marketplace, the more you feed your efforts back into the community and encourage a healthy economic system. Even the lowliest of white items will usually find a buyer (who wants to salvage them down to their components and sell them on). The only exceptions which I’ve found so far are the trophy items – these seem to have no use whatsoever except merchant fodder. The only drawback of selling to the market, rather than a merchant, is that you don’t get your money immediately; instead you have to periodically collect the coins by visiting the Trading Post NPC.

3. The orange symbols on the map will tell you what type of dynamic event is occurring:
  • Event shield (map icon).png An area or NPC must be protected from harm.
  • Event swords (map icon).png An issue that must be resolved by force.
  • Event boss (map icon).png A specific foe that must be vanquished.
  • Event star (map icon).png A service or assistance that needs to be provided.
  • Event collect (map icon).png A task involving collecting or gathering.
  • Event flag (map icon).png An area that must be held or claimed.
  • Event cog (map icon).png An object that must be destroyed.
  • Event fist (map icon).png A chaotic brawl.

4. Heart Givers have some pretty SWEET items in sale in exchange for Karma. Really, you could go the entire game and end up with some amazing loot without spending a single bronze coin. Every time you complete a Heart quest, head over to the quest giver (indicated on the map by the heart symbol, which should now be filled in yellow) and take a gander at what they have to offer – they will usually have level-appropriate weapons, armour, consumables or other neat items available for Karma points.

5. Keep an eye on your zone completion status on the left hand side of the World Map:
This shows you how many Point of Interest, Renown Hearts, Resurrect Shrines and Skill Points you've found on this map. If you find them all you get an absolute AVALANCHE of items, coins and experience. It's a nice little bonus to the ultimate aim of exploring the world.

And that's it for now - there will obviously be more to come. Less than two months away now, who's excited? ME.

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