Monday, 19 December 2011

[GW2] Deception is the Weapon

Have I lost all scruples? In Skyrim I'm becoming more and more comfortable with driving people absolutely batshit-bonkers, forcing them to turn on their loved ones and then calming them down once the dust settled and forcing a blade between their spinal segments. It's certainly a new compunction. Even more worrying is how much I want to play as a Mesmer once Guild Wars 2 hits.

Whilst the guardian of the group is tirelessly running from needy team-member to needy team member I'll be standing at the back giggling as I force a helpless looking bandit chief to dance to "All the Single Ladies" with a rose clamped between his buttocks. But... I've always been the honourable type - sure I sat at the back with my bow and arrow but at least I wasn't afraid to get my hands dirty if it was required. It was good, honest work. But now, there's this mischievous little imp sitting in my chest who wants to befuddle and confuse opponents, not just kill them. He wants to revel in the bloody mess of it all; he gets a kick out of it, the sick little gremlin.

So, this might be goodbye to the bow and arrow. Hello to the off-hand pistol and sword combo. Oh and the Greatsword, of course.

The only problem might be fitting into these goddamn dresses the casters seem to wear.

PS. Anyway, I owe it to ArenaNet to try the class out seeing as I damn near DESIGNED IT FOR THEM, back in March.

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  1. No kidding!  How nice would it be to play a male caster in a game and not be forced into a skirt.

    I want one of two things... either a) if I MUST wear robes as a male caster then you have to let me customize the character to look aged and have a full on Gandalf beard,
    or b)
    If I can't have the "aged sage" look as a caster, then let me run around in the most stylish courtier fashions, or better yet, full black leather and looking like Zoro.

    Game developers really need to get a clue about this...



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