Friday, 30 December 2011

The Big Irish Gamer

I'm shamelessly stealing this off Dara O'Brien's standup which I saw the other day. I thought I'd repost it here because it amused me so and wanted to see what you guys thought of it:

The advantage which the video game medium holds over other entertainment mediums is that it is the only one which punishes you for failure. CD's don't pause halfway through a song and demand: "DANCE, DANCE FOR ME! Nope, not good enough *self destruct*". Books don't stop you halfway through and ask: "What are the major themes of the story so far? INCORRECT! *slam shut*".

You cannot be crap at reading a book. But you can sure be crap at video games.


  1. It would actually be hillarious if movies did this... I'm picturing 007 style ejector seats in theaters...  "Nope, you've completely failed to understand the plot, appreaciate the writing and/or acting and your presence is no longer required here..." then *woosh* as the seat flies up through an automatically opening portal in the ceiling, followed by a gust of air to direct it horizontal to a waiting slide area, another *woosh* as they slide down the "exit" tube until they are deposited outside the theater on the sidewalk beneath a sign that says, "Doesn't get it" with an arrow pointing down (or perhaps "Dumbass" in less kind neighborhoods.)
    And of course there would be a burly attendant there waiting to take the seat and return it to the theater for the next showing (who would look at them with a slightly disapproving/disappointed expression on his face as he helps them to their feet and takes the seat away.)

  2. Hmm. Considering the most common gripe with video games is that they're all too easy atm I'm not sure how true this is. Remember Altered Beast? Damn that was a hard game.

  3. Indeed. "RIIISE FROM YOUR GRAAVE!" brilliant start to a game.

    I've heard the "Demons Souls" couple of games are pretty difficult.



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