Friday, 1 February 2013

[GW2] Time for the Vocal Minority to Suck it Up

I made the mistake of venturing onto the official forums earlier today. And BOYHOWDY the bloated sense of entitlement on those forums is absolutely astounding!
The current whipping boy is the new monthly/daily achievements. People who have never tried crafting are complaining that they have to craft (ten things - TEN FRAKKING THINGS! Christ, that is literally fifteen seconds work), people who don't do dungeons are complaining that they have to do dungeons ("The only aspect of this game I do not play is PvE dungeons. I have not stepped into a single one." - maybe you should?), people who don't like snozzberries are complaining they have to eat snozzberries.

The main argument seems to be "why is ANet forcing me to do things that I don't want to do?" which would be a valid argument, if that were the case. ANet is no more forcing you to do the monthly than it is forcing you to do WvW - but if you want Badges of Honour you're going to have to do WvW just like if you want to do the monthly you're going to have to do dungeons.

Isn't that what computer games are? Being set specific tasks for specific rewards? Isn't that the basis of every single game in the entire world?

"What? I've got to dribble up the pitch and put the ball in the net to score a goal? Why can't I get one by booting the ref in the arse and calling the opposing goalkeeper a sissy?!"


  1. Exactly the same I think when I go to the forums :p

  2. Jediwolfmandaddy4 March 2013 at 03:21

    If you really want to see some belly-achers head to the Ranger posts. Holy Cow! I wonder how many of the posters have just so much tome they can invent new things to complain about. Post patches are the worst. "OMG a nerf!" or "We didn't get a buff so we can shot from 5000 yards away!" I love the dailies. I think they are a great way to teach players, both new & old, the nuances of the game.



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