Wednesday, 27 February 2013

[GW2] The Guild Missions Situation

Just to dispel any misconceptions:

  • If you choose to join a large guild, you do not have to leave your small guild.
  • If you choose to join a large guild, your small guild is not guaranteed to "die".
  • Not every large guild will insist you represent 100% of the time.
  • You can play with your small guild and represent the large guild when they do guild missions. 
  • There are large guilds which will be absolutely fine with this.
  • The Guild Missions update was intended to be for large guilds.
  • There is plenty of content which small guilds can do well which large guilds cannot.
  • In every game there is content which can only be accessed when you meet certain conditions, that's why it's a game.
  • Any update which implements missions which scale with the size of the guild will not be coming soon.
  • I would be 100% behind such an update.

So, for now, perhaps entertain the idea of engaging with a larger guild - if only for the sole purpose of getting into guild missions until a solution is implemented. This doesn't HAVE to be something which splits the playerbase if you don't want it to be.

"In the new game the guild system is like going to a bar. Walk through the door and there could be any number of people milling about. It's likely you've come here with a few friends and that's great, but you know that there will be people in and out of this bar all night. You might choose to visit a few bars over the course of the evening, maybe jump from group to group and socialise with a number of different people. One night you might choose to spend the whole evening in a chill out bar, drinking ice cold vodka from frozen shot glasses. The next you might flit from sports bar to nightclub to strip club - you saucy devil. It doesn't matter if you decide to leave a bar and go elsewhere, you can come back later just as easily if the shisha bar across the street turns out to be a little crappier than you thought it would be."

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