Thursday, 28 June 2012

[GW2] And BOOM goes the Dynamite

After a morning of blazing sunshine, around 1:30pm a shadow descended across my office. It was eerie; it came on so suddenly that everyone immediately stopped working and looked out the window. It was so dark that the automatic streetlamps had turned on.

A crash of thunder shattered the stunned silence; so loud it sounded like an explosion directly above the hospital. No rain, just thunder and darkness.
I checked Twitter, across the other side of the world John J Ryan tweeted:

Another crash of thunder broke across the sky. This time it preceded the opening of the heavens – water like stair-rods, a tropical monsoon – in Leicester. My co-workers were shocked; they didn’t seem to understand how the storm had come on so uncharacteristically quickly: I checked twitter again. There could only be one thing which could cause this kind of temporal-spatial disturbance:
It is coming

Furthermore, it's coming right on the UK bank holiday! So, I'll have 3 days to play pretty much solidly! An excellently timed release ArenaNet, you da best.

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