Monday, 5 September 2011

Guild Wars 2: RP your way to Fame and Glory

MMO game worlds are massive. Hence the name, I suppose. By massive I don't just mean in physical size, I mean in population, social structure, demographic movements - a lot of things happen in these games on humungous scales. Skill changes cause sweeping shifts in meta and addition of content pushes market prices on items back and forth - these are gigantic movements.
Contrary to this, however, these large movements are built up of a million tiny movements - the movements of the players involved. Skill changes cannot change how the game plays unless the player changes how they play. Markets cannot boom and bust without players changing the prices of their items. My point is that out of these million tiny movements; how does a player get their movements noticed?

Being an exceptionally good player (and having a large audience to watch you be excellent), being "server first" etc for important feats and, of course, being an active community rep (ie, a blogger, arranging events and being active on forums) are all pretty good ways to get yourself noticed.

However, I think one of the most interesting ways to get noticed would be to roleplay (RP) a character in-game and faithfully play out the persona whenever you are in a certain area. Any player passing through your village, or cave, or beach etc, would become part of your story and hopefully take away a little bit of an experience from the interaction. The dynamic events system would really help to make this interesting and interactive.

For example, perhaps you could decide that you are a guard of a small human village on the Krytan border - ideally one which has a touch of trouble with centaurs. It would be your job to defend the village from marauders, to fight off the hordes if they approach and to attempt to retake the village if it falls foul of the murderous beasts. I think it would be awesome to be known as the guard of little Will-Town (they named it Will-Town after me, don't you know?).

Do you plan on doing any RP in GW2 or other MMOs? Do you RP yourself already?

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  1. I might casually RP, but honestly, if I had to justify everything I did, and somehow maintain consistency, I'd just go into law.



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