Saturday, 21 May 2011

ArenaNet Reveal the Me.. Oh, Engineer!

This is the class I've been waiting for ever since the profession reveals came out. To be perfectly honest I thought they'd save this one for last, but ho'no they decided to blindside me whilst my internet is still down. Well, you can't stop me, ANet; I'm at my parent's house - mooching internet and free meals! Adulthood? SCHMADULTHOOD! *
I'm in your forest, droppin'' bombz!

The Engineer is the "environmental objects" class that ArenaNet staff have been talking about all this time; with the ability to place turrets, kegs of explosives, mines, oil slicks and all manner of dastardly items to mess up your opponents. The rather tasty looking videos up on the Guild Wars Engineer page show a shmexy Norn lady dropping a mounted machine gun to hold off a hoard of Devourers (she also employs the ever important "cool guys don't look at explosions" rule).

Vitally important not to look at explosions, of course, otherwise major cool points can be lost. 

We also see the use of a Grenade Satchel - which comes with equipping a Backpack kit. This ability allows the Engineer to hurl grenades of all shapes, sizes and functions. Think of CoD4 grenade spam, but add more trolls (actually, there are probably fewer trolls in the MMO market... lolololol... *ahem*). 

Roland Rat wouldn't stand for this kitties' bullcrap
It also seems that the Engineer can employ weapon kits and tool kits to further enhance and change their abilities. 

Akin to every other profession, the Engineer has a bit of everything. Some healing through Elixirs and crazy healing chimneas, but also a crapload of damage from a great number of environmental weapons. One of the things I worry about with GW2 is whether it will really kick off with the hardcore crowd - those who love the numbers. The strict rules of the healer/tank/DPS system allow those players who are so inclined to calculate damage per second, to finely tune their skills and gear to suit a specific situation. GW2 has done away with these rigid restrictions, and so players will have to think on their feet and take into account all of the surrounding factors as well as the parameters personal to their character when entering a battle. I really hope the system is robust enough to stand up.

I have to admit, the info on the Engineer is rather sparse, so I'm hoping we get a blog posts up about it fairly soon to further enhance all the stuff we've already been served (and also, to answer some of the questions being posed). Although, all the info I've seen so far has been very encouraging, I'm seriously considering dropping the ranger in favour of this class upon game release.

With this reveal coming second to last it makes me wonder what exciting things they might have in store for the Mesmer. We all know he's coming, and we all know he's going to mess with our brains. We just aren't sure how yet...

*I'm actually now at home, this statement was a lie.


  1. I'm really excited to play this class. At first I only wanted to use it for PvP, but the more I think about it, the more I want to go through PvE with this profession.
    Maybe it's the draw of something a little different from what's come before, and what few other MMOs have to offer. There's to be so much versatility available.
    I better start saving up for extra character slots already. The prospect of having to skip any of these professions is awful.

  2. I kinda felt meh about an engineering class I feel that it is an overused concept in high fantasy games of recent.

  3. I havent actually seen another "engineer" class in an MMO yet. Besides the futurey ones (ie, EVE, DC Universe Online).



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