Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hayward Incorporated - Following the Trail

Well, its been an interesting morning - I've received a trailhead email (or at least I expect its a trailhead, if it isn't then I must be party to some pretty sensitive real life information!) from the mysterious Hayward Incorporated:

For those of you with squinty-bad-eyes, it reads:
Hayward Incorperated to

This E-Mail is to inform all investors of Hayward Incorporated that the vote to declare Brent Hayward, our CEO and Founder, legally dead is officially suspended.
Mr. Hayward has been found and is currently doing just fine! We here at Hayward Inc. are sure that this news is seen as truly wonderful to all those who were concerened about Mr. Haywards safety.
Listen I've included you in this mailing list subroutine and made sure that you're one of the only ones who gets this message. You need to open the door. Hayward is no more 'fine' than he was when he left. You need to open the briefcase as soon as possible and make sure that he can't use it's contents against all of us. I hope the message finds you well. Remember : E9F19D23M1P9U20H9M14D7U14G15E23.
As for the update: Bruce remains in waiting, still pulling that "Mysteriou" bit every once and a while. Still the best asset we have for containment though.
I love being included in the trailhead of a new game, so I'm going to follow this through to the end, I think every couple of days I'll post up where the game is at and the new puzzles/riddles we encounter. Should be midly interestings, at least enough to take my mind off my hugely bloated turkey filled stomach!

UnFiction thread for the trailhead is HERE. Go go go!

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