Sunday, 19 December 2010

Apple of our Eye

I crave content! Which is why the "Holiday Season" *nod to all you PC peeps who reject the word Christmas, keepin' it real...* is frustrating. We waited a good month or so for Entry #29 from Marble Hornets and then its a whole minute long! Don't get me wrong, in that minute I went through 3.5 pairs of underwear, but nonetheless it only fills a one minute slot in my otherwise meaningless day!

Which is why its nice to come across a half-decent youtube grassroots horror series once in a while. The more I amass, the more of my day I can fill watching 5minute long incerpts of little nuggets of tension. So, without further ado: Apple of our Eye. Their latest offering is here, however, I would suggest watching the series from the start - just to get to know the characters a bit more.

This is a strong start from these guys, their first video came out about a month ago and it seems pretty standard. The classic "teens filming themselves as they frolic near wooded areas" premise is strong in this one. Its a little hacknied but it seems natural enough and its believable. There are forshadowing events such as the missing persons poster in the "Young Fools with an Old Camera" video, the tall manequins in suits in the shop window etc. 

The videos set you up nicely, there are subtle video distortions which you could easily miss but a trained Slendy-hunter will notice immediately, and when the big reveal comes, its EPIC. The unFiction thread regarding this series can be found HERE. Follow after the jump for a bit of a spoiler!

(btw, had to pause the video and then maximise it to get this screenshot. I actually was a bit scared he'd start moving again. CURSE YOU INTERNET FOR MAKING ME A WUSS)

Nice thing about this series is I've caught it at the start, unlike EMH and MH. I get to watch the story unfold in REAAAL time baby. To the AooE crew (wow, that does not acronymise as well as MH and EMH) I say keep up the good work - check unFiction for the dos and don'ts, because you are treading on very thin ice, its only one slip up between Slenderblog and Slanderblog.

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