Saturday, 18 May 2013

[GW2] Consort-Ya-Self-Out

So - are we supposed to sympathise in any way with the Consortium? I mean, the way the quests are set up in Southsun its as if we are: we have to protect the Consortium victims from Settlers just as much as we have to protect the Settlers from the Consortium. I also seem to spend a lot of my time as a makeshift riot policeman - wailing on angry settler rioters when I'd much rather be fighting by their side.

The consortium gave them a place to stay, but only if they agree never to leave and keep schtum about the rather crabby wildlife which is currently rampant on the isles. Sounds like a bit of a bum deal.

Plus, this guy gives you like 200% magic find. How can you not like him?

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