Friday, 2 November 2012

[GW2] I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles - Mordramoth: The Deep Sea Dragon?

With The Lost Shore coming later this month, significant speculation has begun as to what the "monstrous" threat to Tyria might turn out to be. Seeing as the threat appears to be coming from the sea, the general theory is that we are going to see the emergence of the "Deep Sea Dragon" or, more affectionately: "Bubbles".

Bubbles is the only one of the elder dragons not to have been named in any way, we've seen Kralkatorrik burn the Dragonbrand across the land of Ascalon and he is assumed to be lurking somewhere in the far north of the land, Primordius has awoken his Destroyers and is tearing into the stone dwarves deep below the surface of Tyria, Jormag and his Sons of Svanir are terrorizing the Far Shiverpeaks, and of course Zaitan is eating dirt after getting a heavy dose of cannon fodder to the belly. Some of these antagonists have had cameos in the novels - most notably Kralkatorrik in Edge of Destiny. 

But Bubbles has remained a relative mystery. We know that his awakening has forced the krait, largos and quaggan out of their deep-sea homes and into shallower waters around Tyria. However, one crafty Redditor has also been able to take a guess at his name:

Tracewyvernthe Wish Granter 
Is it possible that "Bubbles"'s true name is Mordramoth?
Subject Alpha (the Crucible of Eternity final boss) uses the skills "Teeth of Primordus", "Tooth of Jormag", and "Teeth of Mordramoth"... makes you wonder.

Damn you people are crafty...

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