Monday, 7 May 2012

[CoD] Black Ops 2 - Anticipation!

Most of my regular readers will be used to me posting solely on MMOs (and, let's be honest, mostly on GW2), but I play other stuff! Promise!
I am one of the much maligned masses who play Call of Duty. I know, I know, if I'm going to play any FPS I should play Battlefield - but I like the arcade style of CoD - it's not realistic, it's like playing paintball on acid. As long as you don't try to think of it as a realistic depiction of war, then it's actually a whole heap of fun.
Anyway, I digest. To the point at hand: Black Ops 2!

I bought Modern Warfare 2 a while back, I was terrible, but I got my foot in the door. Black Ops was the first CoD where I could actually claim to be half decent. For that reason, I enjoyed it a whole lot more than Modern Warfare (and looking back, I enjoyed it a lot more than I'm enjoying Modern Warfare 3 now).

Unlike the cold war/Vietnam setting of the first game, Black Ops 2 will be based in a futuristic environment. I'm expecting robot killstreaks, robot guns, robot prostitutes, robot EVERYTHING. If I'm not riding across the maps on a gigantic mechanical war-machine within 5 minutes of pushing the CD into the system, I will be sorely disappointed.

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