Friday, 27 April 2012

[GW2] You Beta Check Yo'self, before you Wreck Yo'self

Roving bands of angry norn, slavering hounds straining at the leashes of their ranger masters, bands of guerrilla-style thief sylvari who materialise from the undergrowth to prey upon unsuspecting travellers and disappear just as quickly when the bloody deed is done. For my sins, I’ve volunteered myself to spend the weekend in WvW – as I plan to put together a comprehensive report for Talk Tyria on the revolutionary PvP format and what it’s like to spend an entire weekend fearing for your life.

The upshot of this is that I’m going to need some buddies, lest I find myself alone in the wilderness with nought but my skills (underdeveloped) and my wits (lacking) to aid me. I’m hoping I can corral some Myst guildies to back me up, but I would certainly welcome company from further afield.

Unfortunately, there is no guesting in the BWE, and even if there were, you can’t enter WvW whilst you’re a guest in another server. So unless you make the same server choice as me, we shan’t see each other in game (unless we are on opposing teams!).
So, to those of you choose Kodash as your home server: see you in game! To those of you who do not: tremble in fear – I have at least 53 minutes of Eurogamer playtime under my belt, and I think that at least bumps me up from “Novice” to “Journeyman”.

ps. I considered a number of "beta" puns for the title: Beta the Devil You Know, Nobody does it Beta, Anything you can do I can do Beta, Mo' Beta Blues... etc etc

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