Wednesday, 14 March 2012

[GW2] pre purchased advantage

Posting this because I think the wording is interesting.

"Players who pre-purchase and receive 3-day Headstart Access will have an advantage over players who pre-order and receive 1-day Headstart Access."

Considering all the rhetoric we've had about not "buying an advantage", this wording seems a little poorly thought out. I mean I know it's true, but still!


  1. ArenaNet has said that they don't consider saving time as an advantage for the purpose of microtransaction type stuff. You won't be able to buy stuff that you can't get in game, but you will be able to spend money to make getting it in game quicker (bank golem pets are a good example of this). I think this falls into that pretty well. 

  2. i agree that the wording isn't great but i don't consider play time as an advantage. as slothbear sees it as well apparently.



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